Our Brands


As the top-of-the-line brand of Global Spirits, Khortytsa makes the global top three among the best-selling vodkas in the world according to The Millionaires’ Club 2019 ranking published by Drinks International (UK) magazine. Khortytsa is made exclusively on a commercial scale from the best 100% grain alcohol. “Finest wheat” and pure spring water are used in the process of production. The key to creating an absolute quality product is the use of innovative solutions at all stages: seven levels of filtration provide the finest purity and mildness of vodka, and a unique metal-coated non-forgeable cap protects it from re dispensing. The high quality of Khortytsa is confirmed by numerous awards. Khortytsa has won more than 200 medals and awards at high-profile exhibitions and the largest international wine-tasting competitions.

Volfas Engelman

“Volfas Engelman” is a beer trademark that has deep historical roots – its first registration date takes back to 1927 after the amalgamation of I.B. Volfas and Engelman breweries. It was revived in independent Lithuania in 2008. That is the only beer trademark in Lithuania the name of which consists of the last names of two establishers of the brewery.


Brewery Rinkuskiai is the only family held brewery in the Birzai region, known as the beer capital of Lithuania. The history of the brewery began many generations ago.Beer has been brewed in the Birzai region since the end of XI century and secrets of beer making have been passed from generation to generation. Jonas Čygas, the local brewer, was famous for his outstanding beer even outside the Birzai region. He brewed his barley beer for family celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries. Moreover, his beer was even brought to Vilnius, the capital, as a gift to the government officers.In 1991 the first beer was brewed following authentic receipt of Jonas Čygas, in old wooden beer vats that now are exhibited at Rinkuškiai beer museum.Since 1991 the brewery has modernized its facilities, expanded the assortment and production. Rinkuskiai beer has been exported to the USA for more than 10 years, also to Poland, Latvia and other European countries. In 2014 some sorts of beer have been exported to Ireland and China.  On September 2015 Rinkuskiai started exporting to Canada and in 2018 our beers were introduced to the New Zealand market.The owners of the brewery reveal that the brewery is not merely a business, but a mission to preserve beer brewing traditions of Birzai region, the beer capital of Lithuania!

Fizz Ciders

FIZZ ciders are known particularly for their freshness and fruitiness. FIZZ remains one of the best-known ciders in Europe and a long-term favorite among consumers. Get familiar with the FIZZ product range and find your personal favorite!

A. Le Coq

A. Le Coq is the oldest and biggest drinks manufacturer in Estonia. Our product portfolio includes 11 different product groups. The main product group is beers, followed by juices, waters and soft drinks, and the remaining product groups such as ciders, light alcoholic beverages, Active juice drinks, sports and energy drinks, syrups and kvass. The company is dedicated to the preservation and development of good drinking culture in Europe by valuing old manufacturing traditions as well as taking an innovative approach to update its product portfolio so it can offer consumers new and healthy flavor combinations.