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#Khortytsa is now #2 the most sold #vodka #brand in the world according to the World Drinks International! During this pandemic we managed not only to sustain our market share but also increased the sales worldwide!

Thank You for choosing Khortytsa! World recognition is a sign of absolute quality.
Look forward to even more successful #2021!

As per Drinks International our best brand Vodka “KHORTYTSA PLATINUM” has now become one step closer to first place!

At present, our brand “Vodka KHORTYTSA” takes 2nd place in the world in terms of turnover (we are the second after vodka Smirnoff “Diageo”), and we wish to become AND WILL BE THE FIRST!


link to the source, page 16-17, please read


Khortytsa Platinum Vodka Scores 94 Rating at Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Khortytsa Platinum Vodka retains its standing as one of the world’s leading vodkas with an excellent competition score.

Platinum Vodka Reviews

Stock Your Bar with the Best: A Look at Khortytsa Platinum Vodka 


  • 2015 – Khortytsa Platinum – Tried and True medal USC
  • 2015 – Khortytsa Platinum – 94 pts medal USC
  • 2016 – Khortytsa Platinum – Double Gold – San Francisco Spirits Competition
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum – Gold Medal – Denver International Spirits Competition
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum – Great Value USC
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum – 94 pts medal USC
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum – Gold – New York International Spirit Competition
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum – Gold 90 Points – Los Angeles International Spirits Competition
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum – Best of category – 90 Points – Los Angeles International Spirits Competition
  • 2017 – Khortytsa Platinum Gold Medal – San Francisco Spirits Competition


NEW YORKDec. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ukraine’s famed Khortytsa (Hor-Ti-Tsa) Platinum Vodka scored a 94-point rating at the 2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.  This, on the heels of the Distillery being named among the world’s best distilleries at the 2014 New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC).


The inspiration to create this ale which is becoming more and more popular has come from the heart of Europe – it is a wheat BLANC ale of Belgian style, a very refreshing, lovingly balanced combination of a bit of sugariness and the sourness typical of wheat ale and a subtly felt aroma of citrus fruits and spices.
BLANC is dreggy ale of a very pale wheat colour.
Both the lovers of light ale and THE WHITE PINT will enjoy it.


Volfas Engelman Balta Pinta 568ml 5% ABV

The taste properties and aroma of wheat beer unfold best of all if it is poured into a cup intended namely for this sort- with a narrow bottom and widened top. In such a cup the bubbles of carbonic acid effervesce slowly, saving the freshness of the beer and forming especially bouncy foam. Before serving the Balta wheat beer it is recommended to cool it to the temperature of 8- 10 degrees centigrade; then its properties will be unfolded best of all. Besides, it is advisable to rinse the cup before using it in cold water (especially on a hot summer day). There is a certain ritual of pouring wheat beer from the bottle into the cup. Traditionally an empty cup is put on the bottle, then the bottle with the cup is overturned, and the beer is poured by slowly raising the bottle upwards. This ritual has been thought of not due to the attractive pouring way, but to make the beer yeast present in the bottle rise from the bottom and distribute evenly in the full cup. If it is poured properly, thick foam rises above the brim of the cup as if a cap.
The Bavarian tradition teaches to greet each other with the bottom of the cup in a gentlemen’s way so that the cap of the white foam does not fall.







Attention, all beer experts! For your evaluation – our most awaited IPA beer from the new Volfas Engelman line of exclusive tastes. The story goes that IPA (Indian Pale Ale) was born several hundred years ago out of a special recipe, and – after leaving England – reached the faraway India half a year later exactly the same: transparent, amber-coloured and with an expressive lushly refreshing aroma of hops. The IPA beer is going to be of limited edition, because its making requires 4 types of hops, and some them are in a great demand and scarcity in the global market. This beer will be especially appreciated by the fans of an expressive aroma of hops and an intensive bitter taste.